Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Revlon "Whimsical" Review and Swatches

  Hello! Today I have Revlon's "Whimsical" to show you. I forgot which collection this is from.. I want to say it's from a collection within the last two years at most but don't quote me on that. I recently purchased this, as it was a lemming and surprisingly very hard to find in a store. Ulta has it in stock online though (too bad I didn't realize this while I was hunting the Duane Reades of Soho -_-). On to the polish! 

  This is four coats, no flash. Whimsical has a milky light blue base with red and blue glitter. It never really becomes opaque but the sheerness works in its favor very well. This was a real step outside my usual comfort zone. I loved every moment of wearing this! 

  It's milky and jelly at the same time. I've read other reviews where bloggers have stated that it was hard getting the glitter out of the bottle but I had no issues. 

  All in all, I'm pleased that I finally found this! Worth every moment of searching! 

15/26 to go ^-^ 

**This product was purchased by me with my own money.

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