Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Essie "Tour De Finance" Review and Swatches

  Hello there! Today I have Essie's "Tour De Finance" from "Navigate Her" Spring 2012 collection. The swatches below are three coats.


  This was taken with out flash. This picture kind of shows the blue undertone usually found in fuchsia. The first two coats were sheer but not streaky. The third coat was definitely necessary. I should probably mention my long time love of Essie. When I was younger, my mother and I would get manicures once a week or so. I always picked an Essie color, mostly because of the bottle shape. So Essie and I go back a long time, haha! 

  This is with flash. I think the flash makes it look a little bumpy but it definitely wasn't. All in all, I'm pleased that I purchased this and FINALLY wore it. I purchased this from but they no longer sell to consumers, only salons. However there's still and you can find Essie in Target, Walgreens and other drug stores. 



This product was purchased by me using my own money.


  1. I can't stop staring at that picture. The color is soooo gorgeous and fun!

    1. It's a great summer color :D Right now, I'm wearing Revlon's "Whimsical"!