Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day Three "I'm On Fire"

  Three posts in one day? I'm amazed at myself haha! Anyways, here's day 3 "I'm On Fire!". Before you ask, I came up with this challenge before I had ever heard about the Hunger Games. (Amazing trilogy and I enjoyed every moment of reading it, btw.) 

Elf Essentials Eyelid Primer
Loreal Hip Eye shadow duo (The yellow side)
Nars Single Eye shadow in "California"
Urban Decay 15 yr palette "Vanilla" as a highlight
Elf Volume Plumping Mascara
Urban Decay Liquid Liner in "Roach"

Loreal Lipstick in "Peach Parfait"

  This was the only decent close up picture I could get! And even then, I had to adjust the lighting on my laptop. If you're doing this or any other challenge, I'd love to see!  

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