Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Say What?! Maybelline Facing A Class Action Lawsuit

Photo Credit to Budget Savvy Diva

  Yes, you read that right. Maybelline is facing a class action lawsuit over their   "Super Stay" lipstick and lip gloss. The plaintiffs claim these products don't live up to the claims. Now, I've never tried these products personally so I can't comment on whether the product is truly super staying or not. What I will say (because we all know I can't keep my mouth shut) is that I think this is absolutely ridiculous lawsuit. No lip product is going to not have fading issues. Why? Simply because you eat and drink, which means you're putting something your mouth. Therefore your lip product is being rubbed off by either food or a cup or whatever you're drinking out of.

  If these people don't lose the case, what's next? Will Covergirl be sued over their 24 hour mascara? This class action lawsuit is a waste of time on everyone's part, in my opinion. If you want to read more about it, you can click here. What do you think about the lawsuit? Let me know! 


  1. I agree that it seems like an overall waste of time. It does get annoying when companies attach these outrageous claims to their products, but anyone with any common sense can't expect those claims to be true. And you're not out any major amount of cash if they don't last. What are the plaintiffs going to get? $6 each?

    1. Exactly! I take any product claims with a grain of salt. I do agree, the outrageous claims are annoying but those claims don't make me choose to buy the product or not. The whole thing is just ridiculous.