Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh hello little Elf (tone correcting powder)


  Since yesterday was my day off, I decided to give my face a breather. The weather is slowly changing which means my face is freaking out. I'm trying to keep it under control. It's kind of working. Anyway here is what helps my face not look like it's freaking out so bad.   


   I've been reaching for this pressed powder everyday. This is the warm shade, by the way. The original (which I've also tried but it wasn't the right shade) is now called Cool and there's a third shade called Shimmer. I use this to set and also to retouch once or twice throughout the day. When I set with this powder, I use my Real Techniques Powder brush. To touch up, I carry the ELF studio face kabuki brush around in my makeup bag. I'm definitely considering purchasing a second one just for my desk where I've been doing my makeup recently. 

  I had a nice day off. I even got this post completed and ready with pictures. I even painted my nails and masked! 


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