Thursday, March 19, 2015

Makeup Graveyard: Nyx roundcase lipsticks

**Purchased by me 

  Taking a break from nails for a second (and by second I mean like two posts.) I've decided that it's time to go through all my lipsticks & destash. If it's not expired (& I have only worn it once or twice) it gets passed on. If it's expired (in the case of these Nyx roundcase lipsticks), it gets trashed.

                                     L-R: Margarita, Louisiana, Gardenia, Chaos


  These all smell weird. I don't remember them having this kind of scent when purchased. Margarita isn't as old as the other three but it smells kind of off. Plus I'm honestly not crazy about the color. I purchased it about two years ago when an Instagram follower challenged me to wear lighter & softer lip colors. Of course I had to try. I've only worn Margarita the once and never looked at it again. Chaos, I have fond memories of. I've worn it several times. The last time I recall wearing it was for my twentieth birthday. A day that could have been spent being sad and weepy over the failure of a long awaited relationship. I did my makeup that morning and this lipstick just made me feel powerful. As a result, I had a lovely birthday. Louisiana & Gardenia were worn a handful of times each (as a break from all the brighter colors in my stash). 

                              L-R Margarita, Louisiana, Gardenia, Chaos

  All in all, these were nice lipsticks but I honestly haven't reached for any of these within the last year. I almost feel like I outgrew them in a sense. I may pick Chaos again for sentimental purposes (and also because I really do love the color). Such a shame, I let them go to waste. Lesson learned.

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