Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nfu.Oh 85 Review and Swatches (Picture heavy)

  Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. This week has been  very hectic so I barely managed to get any posts written. My mom was in the hospital overnight on Sunday but she's home now. She's still not 100% but at least she's home relaxing. I'll try to post more to make up for last week though! On to the polish! 

  Today I have Nfu.Oh 85 for you! A quick back story as to how I acquired my bottle of 85, if I may. Last week, my aunt and I were bringing over some of my stuff to my mom's new place. We were loading up the car when her neighbor, Mike, came over. I was putting something away when I heard my aunt say "This kid will be in freaking heaven!". I turned around and said "What is it? Polish?". As you can tell, my polish senses were tingling! Lo and behold, a bag filled of polish! There were so many, my aunt and I each picked some out. 

  These are the bottles I picked out! Mike got the bag from a woman who lives in the building that he's a doorman for. Of course I'll be featuring these on this blog slowly but surely! 

  I have to say, Nfu.Oh bottles are gorgeous! It's just so elegant and makes me sad that it'll be going in a helmer out of sight. 

  This is 85 alone. I thought I could get it opaque but four coats and major VNL later, I knew it wasn't happening. It makes me think of blueberries and sprinkles. 

  This is 85 layered over Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in "Blue Me Away". One coat of SH and two coats of 85. I've probably read on other blogs about how slow drying Nfu.Ohs are but geez! Over an hour later and my mani was still very dentable! I took this off the next day unfortunately. I want to try this again when I have a whole day to myself. 

  So gorgeous yet so easily damageable. Even though I hate the slow drying time, I still want to try more Nfu.Ohs! 

16/26 to go! 

*This product was given to me as a gift, no one mentioned in this post is affiliated with the companies mentioned.

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