Wednesday, January 8, 2014

14 Goals for 2014

  I know it's late but 

  It's a new year! I generally don't make resolutions because I feel like I tend forget them, haha. This morning, I saw that Becky from Beckawoo had posted a "14 goals for 2014". So I figured I would give it a go and try to make a list.

1) Take better care of my skin. I'm getting to that age where I'm actually starting to break out. (And actually I'm about to be 22..) Lush Ultrabland might just be my holy grail face cleanser.

2) Hit pan on.. something. I have only ever finished one product in all my makeup. This year I'm focusing on finishing more.

3) Take better care of myself in general. 

4) Try not to look at everything in just black and white. I have to remind myself that there are shades of gray.

5) Stick to drinking more water and less soda. I do this so well for about 3 months then completely fall off. It's really a vicious cycle, haha.

6) Try to make a schedule to vaguely adhere to.. Or do a few posts in one day and auto schedule them.. 

7) Find the right nail care routine for me and stick with it. Also something I'm religious about for like four months and completely fall off.

8) Contribute more to the Hobby Polish Bloggers group on Facebook. I mostly lurk and just like stuff. This year, I want to try contributing more!

9) Try to figure out what I want from my blog.

10) If I do have the urge to buy a new product, I'm going to really think about it first and shop my stash first. I did okay in 2013 when it came to buying products. But I could definitely do better.

11) Finish at least two fragances. 

12) Get better lighting. For my pictures, my videos, just everything.

13) Eat healthier.

14) Face my demons and smile. 

So yes that last one was kind of deep. I want to try letting more of me show through here. "May the odds ever be in your favor"

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