Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest Post: Lisa of Geordie Nails

  As promised, here's the first post of the guest series! Today is Lisa of Geordie Nails. Thank you so much Lisa! 


I’m Lisa from the blog Geordie Nails, and I’m very pleased to be writing a guest post while Sam is recovering from surgery… as a fellow victim of gallstones I am sending lots of well wishes and healing vibes. They are not pleasant at all!

The mani I’m showing you uses the Saran wrap technique, a nail art idea which is really simple to do but looks impressive on the nail! The basic steps are:

  1. Cut out 10 pieces of Saran wrap/clingfilm.
  2. Paint your nails one colour and let dry.
  3. Paint a second colour on top and, while it’s still wet, scrunch up your Saran wrap and dab at the polish till you’re happy with the marbled effect.
  4. Top coat; this softens the colours out for a lovely finish!

For my polishes I chose a sky colour theme as we’re just coming into Spring here in the UK. The base blue is Dreamer by Revlon and the white is White Light by Models Own. You could choose so many colours to go together though 😊

Thanks so much Sam for letting me contribute to your blog and, again, feel better quickly!

Lisa xx

  Again, thank you so much Lisa! I really appreciate you agreeing to post for me! I hope you feel better as well. #gallstonebuddies! 

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