Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thirty Day Challenge (Something to keep me busy during July!)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of life around here, my work schedule has been pretty crazy! Since today makes it officially only thirty one days until I visit Jess, I thought it would be a good idea to do a 30 day challenge! I originally wrote this challenge up for the make up group that Jess and I are a part of, but we never actually finished the challenge. I've made some changes for my blog though. Tomorrow is "Let's Get Naked!". If you want to do this challenge, leave a link in the comments below so I can follow your blog!

Day One- Let's get naked! 
Neutrals are the theme of day one. Neutral eyes lips and face :D 

Day Two- Ice Ice Baby
Blue eye shadow is needed for this. You can do a blue smoky eye or just crazy shades of blue! 

Day Three- I'm on fire ;)
Red and yellow eye shadow, get creative!

Day Four- Absolutely fierce! 
Let your inner celebrity out! You can recreate a look from a celebrity or show your own sense of glamorous

Day Five- Fuck! Out The Door!
Quick and simple is name of the day! You don't need to use neutrals for this. This is all about time!

Day Six- A Queen is never late... Everyone else is simply early.
Today is really about being creative and taking the time to see what works. If you've had an idea but just haven't had the time to try it out, today is the perfect day to!

Day Seven- The Happy Elfette
Time to dust off the elf stuff, ladies. You must use at least two ELF products for your look. 

Day Eight- Oh Couture! 
Create a Couture inspired look for today! Make bold choices!

Day Nine- Pink Fridays are the sweetest
Today is about all Nick Minaj. You can either recreate a look or be inspired.

Day Ten- Oh, I do love a good mixer! 
Mix up high end brands with drug store brands for the look today!

Day Eleven- Just one kiss in the moonlight
Focus on your lips today, ladies. Need I say more?

Day Twelve- I just get lost in my eyes
Today is all about the eyes

Day Thirteen- I dream of you
Let's get romantic today! Your look has say "Romance!"

Day Fourteen- Bright and neutral!
Mix up neutrals and brights today

Day Fifteen- Walk walk fashion baby! 
Use a popular beauty trend for your look today.

Day Sixteen- It's a blast from the past!
Today's a pinup inspired look! 

Day Seventeen- Somewhere over the rainbow
Rainbow is the name of the game today, ladies. Either eyes or lips!

Day Eighteen- I see smoke! 
Smoky eyes today! 

Day Nineteen- Here's my pot of gold! 
Green and gold (or yellow if you don't have gold colored eye shadow) Think leprechaun! 

Day Twenty- My Daddy told me I'm a princess!
Pick one of the Disney Princesses and create a look inspired by her! 

Day Twenty One- Meeting up with an old flame
Today is about using products you've once loved very dearly but shelved for another. 

Day Twenty Two- FOTDs of the past
Just recreate one of your favorite looks

Day Twenty Three- I always lashgasm with you ;)
Today's just about paying homage to your favorite mascara!

Day Twenty Four- Lollipop oh lolli lolli lollipop
Candy is the idea of the day. Your face should make everyone want candy

Day Twenty Five- My birthday is the greatest day of the year! 
There are two options for this day. You can either use the color of your birthstone for your look or create a look inspired by your birth month. 

Day Twenty Six- Oh I just love the holidays!
Pick your favorite holiday and create a look inspired by it! 

Day Twenty Seven- Meet my new man
For today, use your newest favorite product in your look!

Day Twenty Eight- I fight crime all night, but you'll never be able to tell!
Today is about faking awake. What do you use to look awake when you've been up all night? Today's the day to show it!

Day Twenty Nine- I want my whole world PURPLE
Purple is today's favorite color! Use it in your look!

Day Thirty- This was my favorite day! 
For the last day of this challenge, you can recreate any of the other days!

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