Saturday, August 11, 2012

butter LONDON's "Knees Up" Review and Swatches!

  Hello there! I just got back from Michigan a few days ago so I have plenty of new polishes to show you! I also have some pretty make up to show too! To start off, today I'll be showing you butter LONDON's "Knees Up". Hit "read more" for pictures and a review! 

  I bought this at Macy's while I was with Jess. There was this little section that was reminiscent of Sephora but with a lot less and they had a butter LONDON display. The first day in Michigan, we went to Ulta and they didn't have this so I was really happy to find it! I started off my trip wearing Opi's "Holy Pink Poganda" (which I never took pictures of because I went to a nail salon after my topcoat destroyed the manicure I was originally wearing). After the trip to Ulta, I ended up wearing "No More Waity Katey" (coming shortly!). I didn't change my polish again until I got home and this was my first pick! But here, I'll shut up and show you the polish ;). 

Two coats of perfect butter! I loved every moment of wearing this manicure. I could not stop looking at my nails. It was every bit of awesome I knew it would be from seeing Nailin' It!'s swatch. So lovely and I got a ton of compliments on it (err yeah, I totally didn't stick my hands in anyone's face XD). Knees Up is the perfect candy apple red metallic and she's mine. 

  Knees Up is also shiny, but not what I would really call reflective. Which is totally fine by me. And one more picture just for fun! 

  You can find butter LONDON at UltaSephora and if you're in New York, Ricky's. Although, if you're in NYC, you're better off ordering butter LONDON from Ulta, butter LONDON retails for $15 at Ricky's and $14 everywhere else. Do you own any butter LONDON? Love it or leave it? Enjoy!

*This product was purchased by me with my own money.
**This post does not contain any affiliate links, I am not associated with any of the companies mentioned in this post 

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