Monday, August 13, 2012

July 2012 Birchbox

 Hey everyone, I know I'm super late with this but I figured I'd show you what I got in my July birchbox! I was definitely happier with this box then my first one. I'll stop blabbing and show you the goods! 

  This time around, there was polish! Even though Color club isn't one of my favorite brands, at least it kind of shows Birchbox used the profile. I also got a pair of headphones (I needed a new a pair :P), some mints that are ginger peach flavored and an Eyeko Skinny liquid liner and another perfume sample. At first, I wasn't super crazy about the liquid liner but now that it's been broken in, I love it! The liner retails for $15 USD, so once again the box has paid for itself. Tomorrow, I'll show you my August box and I'll reveal whether or not, I'll stick with Birchbox! 

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