Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Obsession (and happy holidays!)

 I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday! (Or if you don't celebrate, just a good day in general! I wanted to talk quickly about my latest make up obsessions. Mascara and fuchsia lipsticks, to be more specific. I keep having this "BUY ALL THE MASCARA AND FUCHSIA LIPSTICKS" moment. I used an Ulta giftcard last night to place an order that has three mascaras XD. But no fuchsia lipstick, which needs to be remedied with my other Ulta giftcard! 

  If you follow me on Instagram (screamviolenc3), then you've already seen this picture from yesterday. The lipstick is one of the new Fergie wet n wild lipsticks. A review and swatches are on the way! 

  Is there a specific color or product you're obsessed with? Leave a comment below!  


  1. I always get in moods like this. Right now it's bare minerals ready products.

    1. I'm so scared to try the ready products, haha. I know it'll be instant love and my wallet will be sad XD.