Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sally Hansen Lava (Pic Heavy)

  This is three coats of "Lava". I've had this in my untrieds drawer for over a year. I remembering picking this up when it first came out. The lustre shine line is a line of duochromes. The brush was nice and even. Formula was kind of thin but still dried quickly despite three coats. 

  Here you can see the shift from the reddish pink to orange. I'm so glad this polish didn't disappoint! The last two manicures have been somewhat of a letdown. Lava has actually made me more excited about polish again! This was definitely the boost I needed. My Superbowl mani was pretty but not all that exciting. This is just what I needed to be excited again. I'm including two more pictures because hello, look at the duochrome beauty!

  *Le gasp* Sally, dear, you make my heart race.

  *Sigh* I may need one or two more Lustre Shine polishes. 


  1. Wow, this is such a striking duochrome! The colours are so shimmery and vibrant :)

    1. Yes, and while I don't know how close it is to Mac's "Bad Fairy" (an le from like two years ago), this is soo worth it!

      Thank you for reading :D