Saturday, February 15, 2014

Update On "14 Goals for 2014"

  Last month I posted "14 Goals for 2014" (here, in case you missed it). I thought it would be a good time to talk about where I'm at in terms of my goals. 

1) Taking better care of my skin: I admit that at first, I was severely lacking in doing this. But since February started, I've actually been more religious about washing my face at least once a day. 

2) Hitting pan: I have been wearing makeup more regularly and I'm almost done with my Laura Geller primer if that counts! 

3) Taking better care of myself in general: Well.. I haven't been doing the best, honestly. I'm not eating junk but I'm also not really getting regular sleep.

4) Remembering there are shades of gray: I'm actually getting good at this! 

5) Drinking more water, less soda: I've been kind of consistent about drinking more water. I've also been cutting back more on the soda.

6) Blogging more consistently: Eh, I'm slightly more consistent but not as much as I'd like to be.

7) Finding the right nail care routine: I'm pretty sure I like my slightly new routine and I've been sticking to it, so yay! 

8) Contributing more to HPB: I'm still trying to come out of my shell more there but I've been actively trying to comment more.

9) Figuring out what I want from here: Still haven't quite figured it out but I'm just trying to enjoy blogging again.

10) Shop the stash: I haven't bought any new products this year (*le gasp*). I am however wanting a forest green lip color. 

11) Finishing up two fragances: I've been rotating scents so I won't get bored. I'm half way through a VS scent though!

12) Getting better lighting: Still working on it! 

13) Eating healthier: I was doing okay, then failed and now I'm back to doing okay at this.

14) Facing demons with a smile: ..I'm working on it. 

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